Because saying my name is Maurice has a 100% fail rate at the local coffeehouses. My coffee moniker is Dutch. #vancouverlyfe #canada #Vancouver (at Starbucks Canada)

Just walked into Tony Stark’s mancave. #Vancouver #cars #canada (at Granville Street)

Paid another visit to the hair doctor. Cool little place (at Bangtown Hair Saloon)

The. #rapture, not even cars are save. #endisnear

And too poor to buy makeup? #sassy


I would say, there were mistakes before coffee (at Breka Bakery & Cafe - Downtown)

Mom, please buy me all these things?! @anipawiro (at The Lego Store)

Best coffee in Vancouver. According to Internet. (at 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Ltd.)

Whatever happened to dinner and a movie.

Ice Cube approves of Japadog, yo. #streetfood (at Japadog Cart)